Biking in the SFV — Shortcuts


Jesse Fuller
3 min readApr 2, 2021

The great thing about being on a bike is you can go places that cars can’t go (or can’t go quickly). Here is a list of some such quirky cut-throughs. Some are more fun and curious than useful.

Not yellow in real life
  • The walkway between the north terminus of the Brown’s Creek Bike Path and DeSoto/Rinaldi is a great, very recent no-car shortcut.
I’m sure the neighbors love it (source)
  • There is a weird little walkway one can use north of Plummer at Shirley that will take you basically to Tunney. From Tunney you can head all the way up to Devonshire. This is a great shortcut to and from Northridge Mall.
Looks worse than it is (source)
  • If you take the sidewalk from Canoga Station, you can wind your way comfortably via sidewalk and parking lots all the way to the Village, Promenade, or Topanga Mall.
Sometimes useful (source)
  • There is a weird “parking lot” that you can take from Shirley to the Target in Northridge.
The infamous Chase to Orange Line Wiggle
  • The Chase/DeSoto/Community/Orange Line Wiggle that mentioned earlier: Chase to DeSoto to Community to Orange Line via Roscoe Orange Line station. Much easier headed southwest than headed northeast because of DeSoto being pretty crazy at times. Not a bad place for a little sidewalk action if you aren’t feeling brave.
  • If you don’t mind dirt, the trail between Devonshire and Rinaldi is a fun way to go between the two. I’ve always thought camp coffee under the 118 would be fun.
  • If you do mind dirt, Corbin isn’t a bad way to get between Devonshire and Rindaldi. Tampa, on the other hand, is less than recommended.
Why does this even exist? (source)
  • Another oddball dirt path that is considered a city bike path by LADOT is this weird one block cut through of Sale Avenue from Oxnard to Calvert in Woodland Hills. Niether Oxnard nor Calvert are bad streets as things generally quiet down west of Topanga, but I can’t imagine too many routes that would utilize this.
  • Reseda’s bike lanes completely disappear over the 118 freeway between Rinaldi and San Fernando Mission. Luckily, there is a fun shortcut! Headed north, turn right on San Fernando Mission, then left on Etiwanda and take the foot bridge over the 118. Much better views and way more comfortable.



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